Exclusive: ‘Basketball Wives’ Season 10 and Malaysia and Shawni O’Neill Dish

Exclusive Press Dinner with Basketball Wives Executive Producer Shawnie O'Neill

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VH1’s “Basketball Wives” is back, and the boss of the franchise is chatting with BOSSIP.

Basketball Wives Season 10

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Previously reported season 10 of the hit series is here and it’s a whole new ball game because women are “ready to go back and level” with the reunion of past and present friends, always finding connections that bring them both closer together – and sometimes Sometimes threatens to further isolate them.

Brandy, Angel, Duffy, Brooke, and MVP from past British seasons, as well as experienced cast members Jackie, Malaysia, and Jennifer, have starred in this season with the presence of Nia, Noria, and Shawni O’Neill.

Exclusive Press Dinner with Basketball Wives Executive Producer Shawnie O'Neill

Source: Leon Bennett / Getty

Speaking of Shawnie, the series’ executive producer recently spoke with BOSSIP’s managing editor Dani Canada about Season 10 of All Things about how proud she is to see the show grow, and one of the fractured friendships we’ll see this season.

Shaunie O’Neal tells BOSSIP about growing basketball wives from season 1 to season 10

According to Shawni, she has seen a huge change since she had her idea for the show 12 years ago.

“I think change will hopefully increase,” says Shaunie BOSSIP. “I hope you guys see it. We’ve personally gone through so much growth on our side in so many ways, going through this epidemic must have made it even worse. As a cast we’ve come a long way, [and] Has risen in many places and areas of our lives. That’s what I love to see! ”

Shawnie O’Neill talks about brandy and the fractured friendship of Malaysia

Shawni, who told BOSSIP that he was most excited to see the British and Brooke return to the “Strong Personality” series, also spoke about the dynamics of the relationship seen in Basketball Wives Season 10.

At the premiere of the show, viewers saw the wedding of ex-best friend Brandi and Jackie Christie of Malaysia in a snowy reunion that soon turned into a shady showdown. According to Brandi, he was injured [now former] Good friend Malaysia did not contact her when her father died. Malaysia was adamant it had no idea – but Brandi didn’t buy it even though they hadn’t had a sitdown in three years.

“You have a character error!” Brandi was later charged in Malaysia.

According to Shawni who personally a A lot Better place with “her daughter” Brandi, saddened to see two former BFFs clash and the group collectively tried to squash their beef.

“I was hurt because I didn’t know what happened,” Shawnie told BOSSP. “It simply came to our notice then. I think everyone knows the two of them, they were like ‘hold on-BFFS’, we need to get you together! ” Brandy and Malaysia have to be right, it’s a pair that can’t be broken. “

Check out our interview with Shawnie O’Neill for more “basketball wife” news!

The tenth season of Basketball Wives premiered on May 16. You can watch new episodes on VH1 every Monday.

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