‘Fairfax’ Season 2 sees a new look to Derica Sporting

We are also attracted to designers …

Fairfax Key Art and Episodic Pictures

Source: Prime Video / Amazon Studio

Fairfax fans are in for a special treat this Friday The second season of this unpleasant animated comedy is back for more fun after the adventures of four high school students seeking their place in gang-gang culture.

If you’ve never seen it before, ‘Fairfax’ is a modern look that fits into the constant fight and stand apart, holding on to your ride-or-die crew, and kissing your first crash – who may or may not be AI

Speaking of Crash, we’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip from Season 2 where Derica visits an outdoor market in search of a new look after being rejected by her Crash in the voice of Kiarsy Clemens. He stops at a vintage clothing store and asks the sales advisor (Yvette Nicole Brown’s voice) for help.

Derrica is excited to discover a white fur jacket that tempts her and upgrades her current style.

Watch the clip below:

Fairfax Key Art and Episodic Pictures

Source: Prime Video / Amazon Studio

We think Derica is going to regret not taking that shopping bag What do you think of the new look though? Was this upgrade expected for you?

‘Fairfax’ is produced and executed by Matthew Housefetter, Aaron Butchesbaum and Teddy Riley. Additional executive producers include John Gimelis and Jason U. Nadler for Serious Business (@ midnight); Peter A. Knight (Bozak Horsman); And Chris Prinoski, Ben Kalina and Antonio Canobio for Titmouse (Big Mouth). Artist Somhudlam, who designed the characters for the series, works as a consultant producer on pop / internet culture clothing and media brand PizzaSlim, as well.

New episodes of ‘Fairfax’ will air on Prime Video next Friday, June 10th. Will you see

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