Family feud: Migos breakup rumors spread after offset Kovavo and takeoff unfollowed

Rumors of a breakup began to fly after unfollowing Kovavo and Takeoff on Instagram before the debut of their new pair without offset and Cardi B offset.

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In modern times, there is no greater sign of beef or conflict than unfollowing someone on social media. Grateful for all of us, fans keep up these things and notice when a celebrity follower’s account grows and more importantly, when it declines.

Yesterday, Twitter noticed that the offset was no longer following Quavo and Takeoff. Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed that Cardi B is not following Kovavo and Takeoff.

Quavo just stopped following as soon as new music was announced with Takeoff. Rumors are circulating that Quavo is forming a new group with Takeoff called “Unc & Phew”, referring to their relationship as uncle and nephew. The Migoras are a real-life family, so the name makes sense, but if you’ve been a fan of this group for years, Offset is still frustrated by not following them.

The last studio album from the favorite hip-hop trio didn’t even come out a year ago. We all assumed they would do another round of solo projects, which they all seem to agree on, they wouldn’t mind, but raising music without a member raised some eyebrows. Hopefully, since they are real-life families, they will be able to do this in due course.

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