Fans of the 90-day engagement slam Emily Bieberley as “selfish.”

Fans of the 90-day engagement to Emily Bieberley

Fans of it 90 day engagement Not singing Emily BieberleyAppreciate it.

30-year-old fianc, Kobe Blaise, A native of Cameroon, two years after his birth – was unable to see his child until he landed in the United States. On the day of Kobe’s arrival, Emily wants a romantic night alone with him (despite Kobe wanting to see their son). Coban For the first time).

In a later scene, when Kobe finally meets the boy, Emily criticizes the 34-year-old for playing with Kobe’s feet. Then, he forced Kobe to sleep in a separate bed because there was not enough space for himself and the baby.

As the situation has played out, fans have accepted Twitter To express their anger and concern.

“Emily is annoying me for not wanting Kobe to bond with her son,” wrote one viewer.

Another revealed, “You can say for sure that Emily was one of those kids who was never told বেড়ে she was rude, demanding, and controlling. Kobe will find some running shoes for you.”

Others agree that Emily’s parents were part of the problem. “Emily is so out of control, out of power by her parents.”

“He is an influential force in this dysfunctional family,” said another. “They are all under his selfish mantra.”

One fan was particularly unhappy with Grandma: “Emily’s mother says she’s disappointed in Kobe. She should be disappointed in her laziness. ”

A different viewer created a meme about Emily’s hypocrisy:

Another visitor wrote, “Did he really keep this guy away from his son so he could spend the night in a hotel with her and then have the courage to kick her out of bed?” Unacceptable. He’s a monster. “

Will the couple stay together? Some fans, it seems, are praying for their deaths – and hopefully Kobe will leave. In that case, the parents may be forced to return home.

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