Fans worried for Courtney Kardashian over Travis abuse threat

Fans are concerned for Courtney Kardashian after reports of domestic abuse against Travis Barker surfaced, details have been revealed, plus Scott Disk has been criticized for making inappropriate comments to Khalo.

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The ink has not yet dried on the wedding license, but Kardashian fans are already worried Courtney Kardashian The newly revived report reveals an awful place in the new husband, Travis BarkerOf, the past.

According to The Sun, Reddit has uncovered a 2014 domestic violence dispute between Travis and his ex-wife. Shanna Moaklar In the end, the two were handcuffed and taken to jail.

The former couple became embroiled in a verbal argument over legal documents obtained by TMZ.

The report says that after Travis claimed the alleged threat, Shanna called police, “If I could shoot you in the head, I would.”

In return, Travis accused Shanna of threatening to beat him.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Shanna complained that Travis called her a “piece of rubbish” as well as “smoking a cigarette, coke snorting b * teach”.

He went on to claim that Travis had neglected the drugs given to him after his near-fatal plane crash which caused a major change of mood.

Both reality stars have ultimately refused to take any action.

Fans of it Meet the Barkers Remember that the marriage of Shanna and Travis was not the most friendly. Yet, violence is never the answer.

So far, we have found nothing but uninterrupted public PDAs and happiness between Courtney and Travis. I think fans can jump the gun a little too soon.

In other Kardashian news, Courtney’s ex, Scott DiscWho is heading for the second time after making sex and “horrible comments” Khalo Kardashian Again

During a recent episode of Hulu The KardashiansWe see Scott go to Khalo’s house to visit his new walk-in pantry, and that’s when things get weird.

At one point Khloe asks if Scott would like a sticky bear, to which he replies “Only if it’s in your mouth. And you know what I’m talking about.”


Unfortunately, this is not the first sexual comment he has made to Kholo. In an earlier episode, Scott claimed that he wanted Kholo to be his “topless maid.”

While Khloe was cleaning a mess on his knee, Scott’s dog told Scott that he was “looking hot” there.

“Oh, you go there, get down to it, Khaloverton. Get it down, ”he said.

Khloe clearly responds unprepared, “Yeah, you’re not going to leave urine on the floor.”

Scott commented. “I’ll rent hot maids, topless maids or anything else if I like.”

Khloe snapped back snarky, “Okay, well, I’m not going to be topless.”

Khloe finally laughs off it uncomfortably, but the fans couldn’t shake the “ick” factor.

One fan commented, “I think it was right to call Kholo because of his anger. I think it says a lot about the insecurity of not being part of a family that feeds him for half of his life. “

Khloe’s stylist even banned Scott from fitting Khloe’s future dress when he made more sexual comments. In one of Khloe’s fittings, she asked Scott for her opinion on her dress, “What would you do if I saw you at a wedding like this …”

Scott cuts him off completely and says, “Either way, I’ll be like a curse!”

Kholo accepts the congratulations and adds “I want b *** h to be in my arms.”

And Scott couldn’t help himself. He corrected her by saying, “My D * K, not the arm.”

Wash your face, Scott. It doesn’t look good on you.

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