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The dramatic nature of the fan-favorite relationship, “For Jason’s Love”Returning to ALLBLK on Thursday, June 2, 2022, the first look at the AMC Network’s popular streaming service for black television and film, and the trailer for BOSSIP.

Of ALLBLK "For Jason's love"

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In the sophomore season of creator and lead cast member Trail Woodberry, the cast is forced to face the consequences of their last season’s activities – or in some cases inaction.

Last season’s finale exploded with a twist, as Jason (Trail Woodbury) celebrates his new and exciting venture with Carmen (Being Kalilah Harris, Grayson Family Christmas, Mary Jane) Pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Brian’s (Being BJ Brit, Mary Jane) And Lacey (Laila Odom, Lifetime Salt-en-Pepa, The Story of Bobby Deberg) Finish with a cliffhanger. Brian his fiance Alicia (Crystal Larte, Into the Woods, Unnatural Selection) Knocking on his door — but then what?

Eric (Karim Grimes, All American, SWAT)(Seems to be the only one to avoid being promoted to principal, new home and spray for her and Lisa with baby fever)Jessica Quintero, Teltel, Save Me From Love)

“For Jason’s Love” Season Two

The drama is not over for Jason and his crew.

A press release reports that Season Two explores Jason’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur, building a co-parental relationship with Carmen and facing the hurdle of navigating her already complicated dating situation … all the way with a baby.

“What if you have kids?” Ask Jason’s date one. “Because it must be a contract breaker!”

Brian, now facing the consequences of his actions, makes a desperate attempt to save his relationship with a life-changing promise that may be impossible to keep. Lacey’s career is booming, but her personal life is in turmoil, as reactions to past activities begin to emerge. And while Eric seems to be thriving, a new coworker at work has piqued his interest … Could it be a confusion that destroys everything? His wife Lisa has a secret suspicion that it could be.

Extra cast this season includes Jackie Harry (Sister, sister), Braille Evans (Wish, being Mary Jane), Pierre Abena (Blackout), Dolly Gray (The Industry Did It), Jasmine Love (Chicago Med), And Tabitha Brown (Chi) Who advised Jason Sage as his therapist.

“What about your personal life, how’s it going?” Ask the therapist. “You know that a child will not replace a relationship.”

Take an exclusive look at the trailer below.

“For the Love of Jason” will return to ALLBLK on Thursday, June 2, 2022 What will you see?

“For the Love of Jason” is produced by Trell Woodberry (T.Wood Productions) in collaboration with Deshawn Plair and Sade Oyinade (Flower Ave. Films). The series is directed by Michael Von Hernandez and Desan Player. And General Manager, Brett Dismook, and NV Love, SVP of Development and Production, also served as Executive Producer for ALLBLK.

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