For your viewing pleasure: Nipsi Hasel’s Estate publishes ‘The Marathon’

Nipsey Hussle’s estate publishes “The Marathon Cultivation Documentary” before Canoga Park Dispensary opens.

The Eritrean Soccer Tournament is hosted by Nipsi Hasel

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Before the death of Nipsi Hasel, he made a list of plans and efforts to work actively to build his empire. The marathon brand is worldwide and has costly clothing that you will see in the wild almost every day.

Farming was a part of the brand that Nipsi always wanted. His wish is finally coming true through his Cagona Park California-based dispensary. Marathon Collective is set to open on June 18, and recently, the store held a special screening for a documentary showing Nipsi and his brother Samuel “Black Sam” Asgadum’s journey to build a legitimate cannabis business.

A dream is true.

“This is something we have always talked about,” Black Sam said in a press release. “Nipsey, Fatts, Adam, and my goal was to find a legally licensed store and have our brand in other stores across the state. We are very honored to be able to fulfill that dream. ”

The Marathon Cultivation documentary, where Nipsey himself shows a guided tour, is now available to everyone. The documentary also takes a look at Marathon Oz Strain, which you should be able to find at your local dispensary, even if you are not from Los Angeles.

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