Former Dolphin star Ricky Williams took his wife’s last name to strike a balance

Former NFL star Ricky Williams Revealed that he has legally taken his wife’s last name to create more balance in his relationship.

The 1998 Heisman Trophy winner is now in the hands of Eric Miron. Miron is his wife’s last name for five years, Linea, And Eric is his birth name. Williams, 45, reveals name change The Dan Le Baterad Show with Stugotz.

“I found that it was really strong in building the simplicity, intimacy and trust in my relationship,” Williams said of the change. Her name was legally changed about a year and a half ago.

Miron said his fame has impressed his wife in their circle of friends.

“People forget that he exists, so there is an imbalance in our relationship,” he explained. “One of the ideas that popped into my mind was that I could take his last name.”

“I think it’s cool. It’s a place where we can both win.” Williams added.

The former Miami Dolphins linebacker revealed that Williams’ last name was “not even real”. It turns out that Williams was the last name of her grandmother’s husband, but the man was not her father’s father.

“It’s one of those family secrets,” he said. “And if you go back enough, the idea is a slave name, so I wonder what the purpose of the last name is. And I find more meaning in this last name than in Williams.”

Although Ricky Williams is the name with which he gained fame, the former footballer does not think it will have that much of an impact.

“To me, that makes Ricky Williams’ story even more interesting,” Williams said.

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