French Montana says he and Kanye West have defeated the “Kardashian curse” [Video]

Although many men have been victims of it “Curse of Kardashian,” French Montana He claims that he and Kanye West were able to break the spell.

Returning with his new record, “Alcatraz,” The Coke Boys The founder proudly boasts of his and Yea’s ability to evade the supposed series of misfortunes that come with dating a wealthy group of sisters.

“I feel like Kanye through a car accident, I feel like Yeh is the cause of me, and Yeh is cursed by the Kardashians,” he raped. At the moment, it’s not clear what role the French played in the annoying ending, or why he gave himself so much credit for getting started, but let’s continue.

The “Kardashian curse” has been the subject of much conversation over the years. It is a pop culture theory that suggests that men face difficulties after or during dating rich women. Many men have been reported to be negatively affected by the curse, including the former NBA player Lamar Odom, Who fought against addiction while marrying Khalo Kardashian. Feminist Tristan Thompson has a tendency to get media coverage about his ability to drag people through mud instead of his unusual basketball career. Her seductive ways will probably contribute to her fame regardless of who she is with. That is what the fans have demanded Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker He is under curse due to his recent poor performance in court. He is currently dating a model Kendall Jenner.

The French had smitten with Khloe during a year-long romance from Montana 2013 Per 2014. Although her relationship did not hurt her career, it was rumored to be a source of public outcry. Kim Kardashian And Trina. Allegedly, Kholo started dating French while he was dating a Miami rapper, a move co-signed by Kim. Several more such incidents have been blamed as curses.

Kanye West was even said to be under family spells at the time of her marriage to Kim. At the beginning of their romance, fans noticed a change in his behavior, music and overall life. After their split, many believe she broke the hex by publicly challenging the Kardashian-genres and no longer working as Kim’s stylist, which she admits influenced her fashion choices.

Happily, we can all rest well tonight, knowing that French Montana is the self-proclaimed curse killer.

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