Funny response to Kandi Baras’ viral song ‘Paa, Pond aur Sharir’

Whether you love it or hate it, Kandir’s pen has won again!

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Move up, Meg! Keep it nice, Chloe! Kandi “puts a bag” Baras May be the most unexpected song of the summer. If you’ve been online for the past few days, there’s a good chance your feed will be filled with memes featuring one of his songs. The RHOA The star has gone viral for a TikTok title A festival of lovers and friends Stage set for her song, “Legs, hips and body.” Watch the video that launched one thousand memes.

“I was giving #LegsHipsAndBody at the Boyfriend and Friends Festival!” Kandi wrote.

The multiplatinum singer-songwriter has shown off her patent leather thigh-high boots and matching booty shorts, but it’s the song that has gotten TickTock and Twitter excited. Whether it’s scaled-back production and Thundering Drum or co-housewife Porsche Williams’ The human siren on the track, “Legs, Hips, Body” hit a nerve. The song is by Kandi and Swami Todd Tucker 2014 Musical Instruments, A mother’s love.

RHOA Fans will be able to recognize “legs, hips, body” from the song played while dancing on Cynthia’s lap for Kandy.

Once the “BBL Summing Song” jokes begin to fly, fans add audio to everything from Baby Bop and The Little Mermaid to Apple Store body rollers and bowsers.

Of course, Candy had a good game until she missed a beat or a bag. He posted a link to the full version of the song so we could play those streams on Apple and Spotify. If you want full, A mother’s love Experience, Kandy reminded us where we can stream this in BET + too.

Even Chloe Bailey Had fun showing off her resources in a leather gown with sexy cutouts.

Chlöe is not alone. After the song and its historically funny memes took over Twitter, it got stuck in everyone’s head. Check out some ridiculous reactions to Kandi’s old songs and new adoption.

Is Kandy’s throwback song stuck in your head?

What’s your favorite meme from the #LegsHipsAndBody trend?

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