G-Flip’s criticism of the sale of Sunset’s Chrysal Stage

Video: Those who address the sale of Sunset's Crystal Stage "Worried" G. Flip shares status with ex-Jason about romance, when he responds

Chrysal Stage Take her to her Instagram page to share a video message with her fans and followers on Tuesday after some criticism from fans and “some topics” “missing” from the recent Sell ​​the sunset Reunion about his new relationship with the binary musician G flip.

After confirmation, she started dating at the age of 27 months after her divorce from December 2021 Jason Oppenheim45, Crishel reveals their relationship, explains G. Flip’s identity and admits he wants something different from their romance with his Oppenheim group boss.

“For those who are open to learning (you’re great), sex is physiological and gender is how one identifies,” Crisel, 40, wrote in a May 10 video caption shared on her Instagram page. “These two things are often confused. There are many more qualified people to talk about this but I might be a bridge to those of you who are open to understanding. Feel free to tag helpful accounts and I’ll pin as much as it allows. “

As her video began, Chrysal told her fans and followers, “You can’t choose when you come into someone’s life.”

According to Crishel, she knows that she and G. Flip, her 13-year-old junior, are at different stages of their lives and want different things for their future. However, as he said, it does not diminish their deep connection “and the way they opened my eyes to what the future might hold.”

Although Chrysler still does not know what her future holds, she said she is grateful for the options she has.

“I know some of you don’t understand or agree with that. But for me, it’s about the person. It’s about their heart, “he said of G-Flip.” I’m attracted to masculine energy and I don’t really care what the anatomy is. And with G, they mark it as non-binary … they really think so. That they are a mixture and they recognize both the male and female side. And so it is one of the things that I personally have found such a beautiful combination and that is probably why we have connected so quickly and so deeply. “

Admitting that his mobility could be “misleading” to anyone, he said he hoped his fans would realize he was “the same person” when he first started filming. Sell ​​the sunset.

“Right now, I’m enjoying life. I’m really happy. Friends, you don’t have to worry about me, “he insisted.

For Jason, Crishel assured the two of them “really want the best for each other.”

“It simply came to our notice then. And that’s okay. It doesn’t diminish our love for each other, “Krishel continued, acknowledging her and Jason’s different attitudes toward children. “No, he has no one to talk to [at the reunion] That she is dating. This does not mean that he is not living his best life and that he should. I know she is living her best life and that is what I want for her. “

After sharing the post, Jason responded to his former statement which appears to be a deleted comment.

Jason replied via our weekly with Red Heart and 100 emojis, “Such a beautiful video.”

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