Garcel and Crystal Feud on RHOBH’s Sutton Strike, Dorit

Garsell and Crystal's feud on 'RHOBH' Sutton Strike, addressing the status quo with Dorit, also stressed that he and Lisa are "Friends," And having talks "Bamboo bushes" Erica, and by the live viewing thread

Sutton streak I looked back at his “sensitive” response to the news Dorit KemsleyAttack on his house.

Besides the discussion, where is he? Lisa Brest Standing in the midst of their ongoing Elton John Party drama, looking back at being “given bamboo” Erica Jane On The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 11, and reveals whether he was caught in the middle Crystal Kung-Minkoff And Garcel Beauvais‘Sutton explained why he didn’t care about snatching Dorit at gunpoint.

“I had a very strange morning and day and I didn’t know much about what was happening so I didn’t know the intensity. I didn’t really understand and my mentality wasn’t there. So I was sensitive, “Sutton admitted in an interview with Our Weekly on May 25.

According to Sutton, his reaction would have been different if he had been with Dorit.

“It simply came to our notice then. I feel really terrible about the whole thing and those feelings hurt. I take things really seriously and always want to be there for my friends when they need me and I’m not in the moment and I don’t feel good about it, “Sutton shares. Has done.

Where he and Dorit stand today, Sutton said fans will see throughout their relationship RHOBH Season 12.

“I really love him and it’s been fun to get to know him. I love spending time with her one by one. I would love to know [Paul “PK” Kemsley] Plus … he’s very funny and [to] Look at her kids, they’re a great family and I never want anything bad to happen to them, “Sutton continued. “In this example, I was wrong.”

Sutton and Lisa’s feud over who actually invited Lisa to Elton John’s Oscar party in 2019 has been headlining for weeks, with Sutton saying he missed Lisa’s recent excavations because he had a “very busy” week and insisted they were two friends.

“People think I’m crazy but I think we’re friends,” Sutton admitted.

Moving on to his problems with Erica, which lasted throughout Season 11, Sutton said he was not nervous about reuniting with his client for filming in Season 12.

“I’m out [Erika’s legal drama] Because I’ve already done it. If you haven’t heard of the first season, last season, catch up again this season. I just don’t have to talk. I’ve already done it, “he said.” I said what I needed to say last season and it was right. And I’ll always be right in it. “

Sutton recalls being caught by Erica in Season 11 after noticing that he went to the season in a place of “indifference” to Erica.

“Last year when I thought we were in a good place he deprived me. So who knows what he’s saying to me this season. So we’re going to see, “said Sutton.

In one of the more surprising conflicts of season 12, Crystal and Garsell are seen disagreeing in the trailer.

Fortunately, Sutton was never “in the middle” of their seemingly finished drama.

“The three of us had some work to do and we had some very serious discussions,” Sutton shared. “We can really explore and it deepens your relationship and I think we’re out of it. But the journey, it can be very interesting to watch.”

Also during the interview, Sutton was asked what he was waiting for fans to see in the new episodes.

“I always love when I see my kids. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ” [in editing]. So that was fun. It would be nice to introduce her because all my children are special, but she is a very small gem and I was able to film a little more with my daughter Porter. He came home from college so we spent some time with him. “

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