Gary King defends Ashley Marty in Assault charges

Deck's Gary King has defended Ashley Marty amid allegations of sexual harassment, it said

In a recent episode Sailing yacht under deck, Ashley Marty Hooked with an addict Gary King. In a later scene, Gary shares that he doesn’t remember it and jokingly asks Ashley to make sure he’s outspoken next time.

Many spectators, however, were not smiling. Some even went so far as to announce on Twitter that he had sexually abused her.

Upstairs At the bottom of the surface Podcasts, via showbiz cheatsheets, Gary and Daisy Kelihar The voice of concern for the third stew.

“All I can say is, I guess, it wasn’t the first time we’ve been tied up,” Gary shared. “If I weren’t drunk, I think people would be making a much bigger deal than that.”

Gary said he received messages from fans who were concerned about him – while Ashley received messages of hatred.

“Thanks to everyone for taking care. I appreciate that. But it was blown out of proportion, “he said.

Her coaster Daisy added, “People think they’re standing up for you … they’re actually hitting a very young, weak person.”

After the episode was dropped, Daisy and Gary reached out to Ashley.

“I didn’t really watch the episode before I texted him,” Gary said. “I was just getting messages and comments about it. So I thought something would happen. I texted Ashley and said, ‘I haven’t seen the episode, but because of the messages I’m getting, I can imagine the messages you’re getting. So I’m really sorry about that. Don’t take anything personal and don’t listen to these people. ‘

“And he replied, ‘I don’t listen to these trolls anyway’ … He seems to be a strong man and it doesn’t affect him which is good because you can imagine you getting messages and shutting you down all the time when you You’re not feeling well about it. “

Gary suggested he wasn’t inside Regular Contact with Ashley or Tom Pearson (That Deckhand slept with Ashley in the previous episode).

The 32-year-old explained, “They were both, like in the first episode, complaining about age. That age is just a number and you are so childish blah blah blah blah blah etc. etc. Ashley, seeing the first man as an 11-year-old girl, wants to kiss and then attacks.

In the podcast, Gary was asked if Ashley Really Wanted to follow him or if he is using it to get more screen time. “Well, I guess his ways of trying to seduce a man weren’t very good,” he replied. “I think he gets what he wants. I think she’s been a spoiled girl all her life. So that’s what he’s always got [she] Wanted. “

“And it’s a little bit stylish,” he continued. “He told me and Tom … ‘Gary, all I wanted to do was meet you.’ Apparently, they didn’t show it, but yes, it was a bit of a cruise. He’s a little desperate. “

Photo credit: Laurent Bassett / Bravo

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