Gemini Horoscope June 2022: Change of Relationship

You can breathe a sigh of relief, Gemini. After all, your Gemini June 2022 horoscope is here and the astrologers are blessing you with some * very * good news! June 3rd, Mercury – your ruling planet – will complete its retreat by advancing to the 12th house of your spirituality. As the month begins, the intuitive downloads you process will go out of this world!

In fact, by June 11, you may have experienced a profound change of heart. Since Venus joins forces with Uranus in your 12th house, you may stumble upon a secret that paints a very different picture from what you thought. A secret fan can even introduce themselves! And once you enter Gemini on Wednesday 13th June, you can also get an important message that is on top of everything.

This month is full of opening and climatic moments, especially June 14th. This is when a full moon in Sagittarius will light up a clear light in the seventh room of your partnership, giving a lasting push in a new direction. A relationship can become even stronger as you give up the limited perspective and claim the love and respect you deserve!

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Say goodbye to Gemini season, because June 21, the Sun will enter Cancer, the beginning of summer! When the sun begins to pass through the second chamber of your stability, you may be taking risks because you are embracing your desire to create something strong enough permanently. This is the perfect time to take charge of your finances and set goals! And once you enter Gemini on Friday 22nd June, you will be in a beautiful position to contain self-love as it is a drug that you never want to stop sipping. Jump up to all the compliments you get.

Once the Sun in Cancer moves to Jupiter in the 11th house of your social network, you can feel the deep tendency towards team effort and collective intellectual pursuit. Involving others in your process and sharing resources can lead to beautiful initiatives. And with a new moon rising in Cancer in the second house of your money on June 28, you may be on the verge of using a method that increases your income and then saves your cash. Remember – money * wants to be in your hands!

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