General Z believes that money can buy you happiness, the survey reveals

Money can buy you happiness if you have one General Z..

A Rubyhome survey of 1,000 Americans shows that 69% of generals believe that money can buy happiness. And published specific numbers Baby Boomer and General X. General Z was significantly lower than those counted as born after 1997, and according to them, they only need $ 394,000 in the bank to be considered “rich.”

That number is much lower than for Baby Boomers, who believe $ 1,019,549 is enough to get rich; General X believes $ 887,211 is rich, while millennials consider $ 721,020. Getting rich nowadays has a lot to do with the cost of living as the economic market continues to fluctuate.

When it comes to financial happiness, General Zs said $ 74,950 is good enough. Interestingly though, this is not enough to buy a home in today’s world.

The study also reported a “gap in emerging millennials,” which shows a decline in home ownership among 25-34 year olds. Thousands of people are afraid to buy a house because of debt.

NY post The Rubyhome survey reported that General Z respondents reported a debt of $ 168,070, whereas Millennium Achieved 147,058 with a national debt of 75 1.75 trillion.

President Biden was very outspoken about his efforts to free students from debt by pressuring them to forgive student debts. He repaid the student loan more than once due to the epidemic. The next deadline has been extended to August 31, 2022.

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