Georgia officials are investigating the first possible case of monkeypox

In the first possible case Monkeypox Has been discovered in GeorgiaPutting residents on high alert.

The media initially reported this information Georgia Department of Public Health Confirmed the case. However Centers for Disease Control and Prevention It has been clarified that the state is still conducting tests on patients who have tested positive Orthopedic virus. Monkeypox is not the only orthopox virus. Other diseases in this category include camel pox and cowpox. The agency is working to determine where or how the patient came into contact with the virus. The patient is now quarantined at home.

Monkeypox is becoming a matter of concern around the world. The first reported case United States Was reported last month Massachusetts.

Florida, Virginia and New York Also reported cases.

Symptoms of the virus include blisters that can affect the genitals, headaches, fatigue, and muscle aches. Monkeypox has been fatal in a small number of cases, especially in poor areas with poor health care. Antiviral drugs and the smallpox vaccine have successfully reduced the symptoms, but there is no cure. People who are infected with the virus usually experience symptoms for two to four weeks, with children at risk for the most severe reactions.

Health experts do not believe that monkeypox will spread so fast and deadly COVID-19 Has done but is still working to learn more about the virus.

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