Go live with more receipts related to Mo’Nique DL Hughley [Video]

The fight continues. If you miss it, Mo’Nique and DL Hughley Following a deal mix-up is lagging behind on social media. Mo’Nique claims he was supposed to star in a comedy show, but DL Hughley says he will always be in the headlines.

After DL Hughley reacted to the insults of co-stars on stage, he had to take some responsibility for all the downfalls of his life, he posted a receipt on Instagram and his deal memo which was dated March 29, 2022. Monique’s Complaint Performance Agreement was signed on March 28, 2022 He fired back at a series of receipts saying people were getting confused about “performance deals” and “deal memos”, then offered him both. In an effort to clear the air, DL Hughley says the promoters are responsible, but Mo’Nique is not stopping.

Monique went live on Instagram today and said that what she said about DL Hooghly on stage was “intentional”.

“The deal situation and the headliner situation, it was icing on the cake for Dale Hooghly and me.”

He then went back in time to discuss DL Hooghly and what actually happened between him, all arising from an interview on the Hooghly radio show that day.

The comedian’s final ending came from a “You U Raider” game where the interviewer asked Monique: “Would you rather sleep with your husband Lee Daniels without a condom or a condom with Carin Stephens?”

He indicated that DL was not there that day, but he told his team, “Let me call DL Hooghly.” He knew that comedians would have problems with disrespectful questions.

But DL’s response was, “That’s exactly what we do. And that’s it. “He advised that he would never promote the interview because it would look bad to the community, and he never did.

“Over the years, I’ve heard of this guy who is not me, who I didn’t deserve. ‘ “Please don’t talk to me now. You can google it for yourself.”

When he joked on stage, he admitted that he did not expect DL Hooghly to be angry or emotional. She doesn’t believe she was gay and was joking. He says, “You’ve got to be gentle.”

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