GoFundMe shuts down fake account, claiming Amber Hard to help pay off his debt

A fake GoFundMe account for Amber Heard has been removed from the platform.

Following Hard’s trial with Johnny Depp, a fake $ 1 million campaign was created in Hard’s honor. The fundraiser was created by a woman named Kimberly Moore, who said she set up the account to help Hardy raise money to compensate Johnny.

Moore claims he has contacted Hard’s legal team and has promised direct access to the funds raised by Hard.

The “Justice for Amber Hard” campaign statement reads, “I believe Amber and social media have protected the abuser. The verdict has exceeded its total value. It is very sad that he was able to come out of the abuse. Help him. “

However, the fundraising platform says the account was flagged as soon as it was raised substantially. They also determined that Herd’s legal team had no knowledge of creating Moore’s account. The campaign eventually shut down, and GoFundMe says they will continue to search for fake pages.

Hardk was ordered to pay ডে 8.35 million to Depp after a judge found him guilty of defamation. Still, Hard’s legal team says they plan to appeal the court’s decision.

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