GOP candidate Herschel Walker says Donald Trump never demanded a 2020 election

He is a former football player Current GOP candidate is Herschel Walker Said he had never heard Donald Trump Claims that Democrats have stolen the 2020 presidential election.

Walker sat down for an interview with the Atlanta-based news station Weight-TV This week. Dr. sitting with him Ross Spencer, Walker maintained that the media had called the election “stolen.”

“I think the journalists have said that. I don’t know if President Trump said that. He didn’t tell me, “Walker explained.

Donald Trump and his supporters have repeatedly been accused of rigging the election. Spencer continues to pressure Walker, noting that GOP candidates who receive support from key political figures usually share the same beliefs. In this case, Spencer wanted to know if Walker himself believed that the election had been rigged President Joe Biden.

“Everyone knows something happened in the election,” Walker said before adding that he would “disagree” with Trump’s claims if he did not believe them. Still, it turns out he wasn’t sure exactly what happened with the 2020 election or how to verbally describe it without bothering his biggest co-signer.

“Do you know what happened? I think something happened. I don’t know what it was – but something happened because people are angry,” the Republican Georgia Senate optimist said.

Last year, Trump predicted that Herschel Walker would be “very, very hard to beat” while running his GOP.

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