Governor Greg Abbott leaves ‘Livid’ with misleading details about school shooting

Texas Govt. Greg Abbott “Excited” for the misleading details he received about Rob Primary School Shooting in Uwald, Texas.

“The short answer is, yes, I was confused,” Abbott said Friday. “I’m upset about what happened.”

After the shooting, the governor first praised law enforcement’s quick response to the shooting. During a news conference Wednesday, Abbott said officers’ quick response saved lives.

“I was on this stage two days ago, and I’m telling the public information that I was told in a room just a few yards back where we see it now,” he continued. “I wrote detailed hand notes about what everyone in that room told me over and over again. As everyone has learned, the information I was given proved to be partially incorrect. And I’m really upset about that. “

Since Abbott’s remarks on Wednesday, officials have not been reported to have delayed access to the school. In fact, about 20 officers were in the school hallway for about 40 minutes. Border Patrol agents eventually use a key to gain access to the classroom. At that moment, the gunman, Salvador Ramos, was fatally shot by officers.

19 children and two teachers were killed in the firing.

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