Gucci has created a gaming academy that focuses on mental health

Gucci Grouped with World Health Organization And Face it To launch a mental health-based gaming academy.

Gucci Gaming Academy debuted during the grand finale of PGL Antwerp Major. The Academy is the first educational gaming initiative from a luxury fashion label. Gucci Academy was created to ensure that players get support for their mental and physical health as they improve their gaming abilities.

“Gucci is at the forefront of the luxury industry in the gaming world, and as part of our mission to build meaningful relationships with the community in a truly authentic way, we help players manage the challenges they face as they participate in dedicated sport to support the new generation.” Says the executive vice-president of Gucci Vault.

Candidates are selected for the academy on the basis of both performance and interview in the game by evaluating the values ​​and skills of the players. Once selected, players remain members of the gaming academy for 12 months unless they sign a team early.

The gaming academy currently has several ambassadors, including commentator James Bardolf and retired CS: GO gamers Christopher ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alessund and Stephanie ‘Misherve’ Harvey. The ambassadors will advise the players on the roster of the academy in one session after another monthly.

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