Gun control activist Ted Cruz confronts after NRA convention speech

This is a new low for even a coward Sen. Ted Cruz.

The National Rifle Association holds its annual meeting in Houston

Source: Brandon Bell / Getty

In a heartbreaking context Shooting at Uvalade School in Texas He wasted no time in blaming preventable gun violence on everything except guns. If that’s not cowardly enough, Cruz gave a speech at a huge NRA (National Rifle Association) conference in Houston just a few days later. Half post Staff Report Benjamin Hernandez Snowling faces senator for a speech blaming missing fathers, video games and social media for mass shootings across the United States

The exchange started off smoothly as she approached Hernandez for a photo-up at a sushi restaurant on Friday night. Instead of taking a picture, the camera turned when he asked Cruz about his refusal to support gun control policy. “You know, I’ll encourage you – I gave a half-hour speech at the NRA convention today – I’m encouraging you to watch it,” Cruz said, moving away from the subject.

“You’re directing me to your 30-minute speech, and you can’t answer a simple question. Background check, can’t we start there? Background check – is it too hard?” Hernandez asked.

He last week applied for a solution as a parent of young children like 19 Rob Elementary School students. Again, Cruz vaguely refers to Democrats’ policy and says they would not stop the genocide. Even Biden’s deaf-mute promise to “fund the police” means nothing. Police left the gunman with the victims for more than an hour Before facing him.

Which shooter are we talking about, Ted? Between the Buffalo and Uvalade tragedies, 15 more were shot, Gun Violence Archive. Cruz’s excuse refutes even the most convincing argument because, like hundreds of other domestic terrorists, Uvalade shooters legally bought high-powered weapons and ammunition.

“You can make it difficult for people to get guns in this country. You know it. But you’re standing here, you’re standing at the NRA convention – it’s harder, it’s harder when there are more guns to stop gun violence, “Hernandez said as security began to separate them.

“Why does this happen? Why did you come to this convention to take blood money when 19 children died? She screamed as more security dragged her to the door. “19 children died! It’s in your hands, Ted Cruz! “

Hernandez is a board member of Individual Houston, a group of progressive activists who posted a 2-minute video of the exchange on Twitter. Hernandez says he hopes to set an example through conflict like his other activism.

“During civil discourse and debate – when they allow it, which they don’t – it ends up with me. It’s uncomfortable. Yes, it was uncomfortable for me to do it – it’s not me,” he told the Half Post.

“My mother was even surprised that I dropped the F-bomb. But this week they forced me to drop the F-bomb because I was so angry that they would stand there and do nothing about it. “

Another video of the clash went viral, garnering more than 10 million views and counts. Both Hernandez’s reasoning and organization in Houston prove that voting is not the only way to make our voices heard. The call for politeness and civility makes no sense when leaders refuse to protect adults in grocery stores and children in schools. What is less civilized?

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