Gunna witnesses reportedly denied the bond for tampering concerns

A Fulton County judge has denied bail to Gunnar, citing concerns about tampering with witnesses in his RICO case.

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It’s been two weeks since Atlanta rapper Gunna surrendered to Fulton County authorities. Since then, his legal team has insisted on his message that he is innocent and that the court is trying to use lyrics to misrepresent him.

Today, Judge Ural Glanville denied witness Tamper’s bond out of concern, according to Billboards. Prosecutors further allege that Guna is playing a “command” role within the gang, which doubles as a YSL record label.

During the hearing, Gunna and his legal team offered several assurances for the bond terms, including $ 750k secured bonds, house arrest with electronic surveillance, and confiscation of three properties. Also, his parents will set up their homes and allow the perpetrators to record all phone call contacts.

Where do we stay from here?

Authorities have continued to raise objections against Brian Steele, who represents multiple people in the case, for delaying the hearing of Young Thug’s bond. The Young Thug trial will now be held on June 2. Gunnar’s trial date is set for later: January 9, 2023. Perhaps his attorney will later file a renewal offer for the bond.

You can see the moment from the hearing below.

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