Hailey Beaver Fave Eye Cream contains skin-brightening vitamin C.

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I have a feeling that even though Hailey Bieber’s skincare brand, Road, has finally dropped out (I’ll update you soon!), She will still fill us with other products that she hasn’t helped create. You could say she respects other brand founders and really loves skin care. Today, she’s talking to her YouTube audience about an eye cream she’s “obsessed with” and one that I’m a big fan of.

This is Bieber’s second video with Hiram, where they chat about all aspects of the skin and beauty industry. The pair “tried and responded to more skincare products,” including Bieber’s favorite beauty stat Cosmetics Universal CI Perfect (বি 65 at Alta Beauty). In fact, he loves the whole brand. “I’d like to enter this BeautyStat Vitamin C Universal C Skin Refiner,” says Bieber of All-Over Face Cream. “It’s 20 percent vitamin C. This amazing chemist named Ron Robinson did it and created it, which is incredible.” He revealed that he talked to Robinson about “getting some knowledge from him” when he started his own brand.

Bieber hands Hiram the brand’s eye cream because she’s dying for him to try it. “This one is eye perfect. Eye Perfect is actually a product under the eyes that I have been using for the last few months, ”he says. “I’m really, really obsessed with it.”

Beautystat Cosmetics Universal CI Perfect


Hiram is excited to try it and starts applying it under his eyes. He likes the formula to be fragrant (sensitive skin of both he and Beaver) and creamy but light for daytime use. Beaver agrees and says she wears it under her sunscreen every day. It works to make crow’s feet stiff and smooth, as well as fighting free radical damage. In addition to vitamin C, the formula contains caffeine, magnoli, and hemp oil, which contain hyaluronic acid to reduce puffiness and repair skin and lock hydration. Finally, pure EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) from Green Tea works to brighten and protect the delicate area under the eyes.

Now you can see why Bieber likes it. Want to try it as well? Pick this video traction and grab it at Ulta Beauty before it sells fast.

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