Hailey Bieber’s favorite $ 28 concealer 20% discount from Kosas

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We love everything about it Hailey Bieber And how she has made an impact in the world of fashion and beauty. She always seems to wear the most no-nonsense makeup, and we just want to know how she does it. This week, the model gave people (us) what they wanted and posted two ticky videos showing off her “lazy makeup routine”. A feature of her effortless appearance is her bright eyes. Lucky for us — and for you — we now know which product helps her get wider eyes and brighter skin.

The miracle formula in question is Revealer concealer of Kosas, Which is 20 20 percent discount during the brand’s summer sales The sale lasts until June 9 and gives you a 20 percent discount on everything on site (excluding samples, sets and bundles).

We know that incorporating ingredients into makeup formulas is nothing new, but Kosas is really working the most with this concealer. In addition to being a medium-coverage concealer, it also acts as an eye cream And A spot treatment. We are always playing games for a versatile beauty product.


It had to be done in 2 parts because I was bad at ticking. Here’s my quick lazy makeup routine and skin preparation. And yes, the road is coming soon

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The brand even calls the concealer “lightbulb for your skin”. After watching Hailey’s final Makeup look, We see exactly why. Her face is literally glowing. The model used the product after applying her moisturizer and serum and patted under those eyes specifically to brighten those areas. This is the first step in her beauty routine, so it’s important.

“Amazing — I have an airbrush under my eyes but it still looks hydrated,” wrote one Cossack buyer who gave the product a perfect five-star rating.

The dewy, bright skin queen has come here to benefit us all and reveal the secrets of her makeup and we can’t be happier. We are not at all surprised that he likes it Concealer Comes from a clean, clinically-tested beauty brand like Kosas.

From your possession Kosas Go for দিকে 28 or so Sephora’s spring sale For 20, 15 or 10 percent discount.

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Cosas Reveler Concealer

Photo: Kosas.

Let’s come to the funny part: the Ingredients for skin care. Caffeine and pink algae extract brighten, while arnica montana and provitamin B5 soothe. After all, peptides and hyaluronic acid make the skin thicker. Basically, whether your eyes are dry AF or a blemish is making itself known, you can dab into this concealer and let its skin care ingredients work their magic. You get moderate buildable coverage during this time, but don’t cake in layers of makeup that will make your skin look worse. And if you deal Dark circleThis creamy formula covers them with a single swipe, while still making your skin look like your normal skin.

“What amazing coverage it gives !!! Perfect formula for not dripping and not drying under the eyes!” Another buyer wrote. “The New Holy Grail Concealer

Glide the do-foot applicator over any area you want to hide, brighten or smooth. Then, mix the product with your fingers, a makeup sponge or a brush. In Haley’s Tick ​​tockShe uses a sponge under her eyes.

Mrs. Bieber is literally in a league of her own when it comes to nailing the no-makeup makeup look. Add Revealer concealer of Kosas Get to its level and achieve the dewiest aura of your daily rotation.

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