Haley Bieber uses this hydrating cleanser and it has a 20% discount on dermstore

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If you can’t tell already, our site has become a Hailey Bieber Lately fan account. We’ve written about anything and everything that the model wears and uses, which is a lot, but that’s just because she’s #goal in every way possible. From his favorite Vitamin C serum For her to go ConcealerWe’ve got all the DLs needed for her beauty, one of which is now on sale

Hailey made a post YouTube tutorial How she gets her iconic Shiny donut skin Before going to bed. Is a product that stands out HoliFrog’s Tashmoo Water Lily Nutritious Milky Wash. It is a hydrating face cleanser that gently removes makeup while soothing and protecting the skin. Mrs. Bieber has previously stated that she always games for a multitasking beauty product, so this choice makes perfect sense.

“Now that I’ve done the oil cleanser, I’m going to take the second step cleanser,” he explained Video. “I like cleansers that are not super, super foamy. I like something like milky, hydrating, nourishing wash. I never like that my skin feels dry and flaky when I wash it. “

We can hear, Haley! There is nothing worse than skin that has lost all its moisture after cleansing. To avoid this, reach for Holyfrog’s creamy face wash It does nothing but good for your skin without a greasy residue. The non-foaming, silky smooth cleanser is suitable for dry, puffy or itchy skin as it is rich in skin-loving ingredients like a mixture of 14 amino acids. Amino acids Help repair yourself from skin damage, whether it’s from excessive exfoliating or using harsh ingredients. On top of that skin renewal mixture, the formula also contains Water lily root, Lotus flower And Panthenol To moisturize

Meanwhile, blue-green algae protect against environmental stress. Miranda Kerr, founder of Cora Organics, had previously told StyleCaster about the other The benefits of algae. “It helps to improve dullness and balance skin tone so that your skin is brighter, firmer and smoother,” he explains.

Last but not least, Aloe vera And Sunflower seed oil Calm and reduce redness, Apricot kernel oil Nourishes and smoothes your complexion and Vitamin E Keeps your natural skin barrier strong.

The only other thing that can make this product even better is definitely a discount. Leave it Summer sale at the dermstore Give you a 20 percent discount. Just be sure to write the promotional code The sun June 1 at checkout before sale ends.

HoliFrog Tashmoo Water Lily Nutritious Milky Wash

Photo: Holyfrog.

It’s easy to see why Haley swears to wash her face. And if glowing buyer reviews give any indication that those with dry to combination skin want to face their face Tashmu Water Lily Nutritious Milky Wash As soon as possible.

“It’s a wonderful thing. Gentle cleanser. I use it in the morning when my face is not dirty with sunscreen or makeup and it makes my skin feel clean and moist, ”wrote one five star reviewer.

It’s also incredibly easy to apply: Moisturize your skin and then rub the facewash gently in a circular motion. The brand recommends letting the product really sink into your skin instead of rushing to shut everything down for best results. And that, folks, is how you get yourself a mini face massage every morning and night. Rinse off the cleanser and dry your face. Scary! Shiny, healthy skin in an instant.

Very creamy and nutritious! Don’t go for less that your full potential. ” “Gives the skin a great dew and rough feeling.”

All that remains to be done is shopping Dermstore sales And checkout with HoliFrog’s Tashmoo Water Lily Nutritious Milky Wash. Get ready to be the twins with Hailey with the most gorgeous shiny donut skin ever.

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