Halle Berry visits Disneyland’s Avengers campus

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Halle Berry visits the Avengers campus at Disneyland

Source: Christian Thompson / Disneyland Resort

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry Has entered the multiverse of insanity The doctor is weird While vacationing with his family at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California.

The mysterious link went down to the new one Avengers Campus Dedicated to discovering, recruiting and training the next generation of superheroes and allowing them to team up with guests Avenger And slingshot with their allies Spiders are humanTaste-test innovative foods, and join a larger universe.

Anthony Mackie on the Avengers campus property

Source: Disney California Adventure Park

Guests of all ages will find their potential when they get together with family and friends to play an active role with their favorite superheroes with the opportunity to survive their own heroic stories.

On the Avengers campus, visitors have the opportunity to learn from them through direct interactive encounters. New recruits can take training Dora Milaje To learn Wakandan wisdom and what it feels like to be a member of it Black leopardIts elite royal guard.

Resources of the Avengers Campus

Source: Disney California Adventure Park

Dora Milje General Okoye He made his worldwide debut on the Avengers campus as he faced this training.

Guests can see the Black Panther (along with other heroes) as they evade threats from their enemies at the Avengers headquarters – located in the center of this new land.

Resources of the Avengers Campus

Source: Disney California Adventure Park

“On behalf of our cast of Superheroes, I can’t be more excited to welcome our guests to this epic new country,” he said. Why PatrakPresident of Disneyland Resorts.

Just as the Avengers come together for the common good, Disneyland Resort is ready to go on tours with Anaheim and Southern California, rebuilding the business and empowering our communities. “

Guests discover their own abilities on the Avengers campus with super cool experiences and even cold food stores. For more information about Disney California Adventure Park, click here.

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