%% headline %% Kim Kardashian apologizes to his family for the ear

Kim Kardashian is issuing a long-standing apology to her family for the way her estranged husband treated them during their marriage.

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In this week’s new episode The KardashiansWhen Kim Kardashian found out that Kanye West was releasing a new song about her during their divorce, the audience got to see what happened.

“Well, great,” Kim said as she read a text message on her mother Chris Jenner’s phone, sharing with her family, “Kanye is bringing a new rap song.”

Her sister, Kendall Jenner, asked what that meant, to which Kim replied, “It means she’s talking about me like crazy and probably whatever.”

In response, Sister Kholo Kardashian said: “Most men do not publicly trash their children’s mothers in this way. We don’t have to sit here and throw stones, we just have to carry it on our chins. “

“You did nothing but be a mother to her children and be great to her,” Chris assured his daughter. “When people say abusive things about one of us, it hurts us all because, one day, your kids will read it all, and see it all, and that’s something everyone should really be aware of.”

Elsewhere in the episode, SKIMS founder Kani and the rest of his family hinted at some drama, saying, “I will never stop. I think I will never stop being mine. All I can do is control how I react to something. I can’t control how he treats me, you know, or how he always treats you. “

While it’s not clear if he’s talking about a family rift, many fans have speculated that Kim is referring to Kanye’s public comments and Twitter rumors about his mother and sister. But when it comes to Yeh’s supposed disrespect to his family, Kim admits he never had a chance to apologize for how it affected them.

“I acknowledge that my relationship has had an impact on my family, and I’ve never had a chance to say, ‘I’m sorry, friends,'” he said in a confession.

Kardashian told his family, “I’ve been defending it for so long, but I said I would never let it happen to you again.” “I feel, for once in my life, I feel strong. I will not allow anyone to treat you or myself. “

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