Hoochie Daddy Shorts Steer Up Man Yum Mehem spreads on social media.

Huchi Daddy SZN

Thick thighs are seen saving lives on social media where ‘Hoochie Daddy Shorts’ are stirring all sorts of man yam hems just in time for summer.

Hoochie Daddy Shorts is a mid-thigh length and a bad twenty aura that was found in the 70’s. And, based on swoons and squirt emojis on Twitter, the smaller, the better.

Now, we’re not 100% sure who got the Huchi Dadis formation, but the trend frenzy seems to stem from a viral video posted by Comedian / Advice from AF ** k Boy Podcast Host. Clint E. coli.

In any Internet obsession, there are 5 steps before moving on to the next shiny new insanity.

At the moment, we are at the height of Huchi Daddy Hysteria with endless memes and our first official attempt at summer music.

There is also a growing wave of tickling videos across social media.

In his latest adoption on cultural debauchery, CaveOnstage Let his inner-huchi daddy shine in a redistributed video that has garnered over 1,000 likes.

At some point, we’re sure LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Victor Cruz, Russell WestbrookAnd Cam Newton After years of swinging mid-thigh shorts at games, events and gatherings, their hooves will dive into the daddy bag.

American Express presents Carbon Beach - Day 2

Source: John Para / Getty Images for Carbon Beach / Getty

You may remember that Cam and his Hoochie Daddy Shorts were fried to hell in 2017.

Oh yeah, they were Huchi dads.

Do you love or hate Hoochi Dad madness? Which celebrity do you think can pull off men’s looks? Tell us below and peek at the ridiculous Hoochy Daddy hysteria upside down.

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