Horoscope for the week 29 May

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! It’s a new week and we’re back with a new horoscope that has what the Star Store has to help you plan for the week ahead!

Bossip horoscope

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

Here’s another week of astrological predictions, courtesy of our beloved – Psychic Zia.

Astro Overview:

Several emotional planetary events are happening this week. The new moon in Gemini on the 30th ends the Mercury retrograde on the 3rd and the Saturn retrograde begins on the 4th.

Use the power of this astrological step by starting your magic ritual for the 30th May Gemini New Moon! After a month of daisy clips (which are only good for certain ceremonies) this new moon, though happening under the tail end of Mercury Retrograde to focus on the 90 day goal that works with communication, travel, creativity and career. Bound by this industry.

Note that although Mercury’s retrograde ends on June 3rd (due to delays and technical issues!), We moved to Saturn’s retrograde on June 4th. Saturn is “keeping it real through hard love and hard conversation”. This particular setback will really force us to have conversations that either set boundaries or cause breakups. This will persuade us to examine our responsibilities as well as to hand over to someone else. Expect a lot of hard work from yourself as well as your peers and family members.

OK, let’s see what is shaking for the cosmic constellation!

Bossip horoscope

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


Under this new moon, you all have to do some safety rituals – it can be as easy as reading Psalm 23 aloud every day – or wearing black tourmaline crystals. This is recommended because there are a number of jealous people among you – especially at work.

Red flag: Be aware that all the shadow work you have been forced to do since the beginning of the year is for you to gain “your own knowledge” that you do not have to be a victim of. Stand in your power.

Sweet spot: Despite the jealousy in the workplace, you will still be seen as an asset by the right elite – keep pushing forward and staying on top of pettiness.

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