“I Will Murk This Dude In Rap A 43”

Brandy Responded to its viral video Jack Harlow Learning that he and Ray J. There were siblings

On Twitter On Tuesday morning, the singer wrote, “I’ll rap this dude to his own beat at 43 and then sing to sleep.” In a follow-up tweet, he said he was “joking” and said it was “all love”.

But it did not end there. Her reaction was a few days after a fan told the singer and the situation was not so deep, Brandi admitted that he had raped Jack Harlow and did not know he was joking.

Herlo comes after a recent appearance Hot 97’s eyebrows in the morning, Where the hosts played a part Brandy’s Never She Never Tune “Angel in disguise

While listening to the song, Harlow grabbed the record Aliyar.

Shocked, Laura Styles Brandi gave him a hint that he had “acted in a TV show.”

Peter Rosenberg Said, “Because his brother is so famous, you can argue,” when Ebro Darden He added that “his brother had an amazing sex tape.”

After a while, Harlow asked, “Who’s Ray J’s sister?”

“Brandy and Ray J. siblings? No one in my life has ever told me,” Harlow said.

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