“I’m not out here trying to popularize the world.” [Video]

Nick Cannon It is tapped when it comes to having more children. She says she received a vasectomy consultation on the arrival of her next child.

Who is the host of “Masked Singer”? Daily Pop, “I’ve already gone and got my vasectomy advice. I’m not looking for the world to be completely populated here, but I’m definitely looking forward to taking care of and loving all my kids right now. ”

There are stars Eight children, Twins Morocco and Monroe, with his ex-wife Maria Kerry. Powerful Queen with Golden “Sagan” and Model Brittany Bell. Zion and Jillian, the second set of her twin children with DJ Abby de la Rosa. And with her eighth child, Jane, Alyssa Scott, although the child died of a brain tumor.

Canon and Bray Taisi are expecting a baby together. In an interview with the Daily Pop, he revealed the “crime” that he was not able to spend time with all his children even though he did facetime them and took them to school in the morning.

“I don’t know if I designed it that way, but it’s one of those things when you bless kids with gifts – and we all know, I’ve been through a lot. I find comfort, I find peace in my children, and I find purpose. ”

She also talks about how her children are using their talents and abilities. “They’re going to be some talented kids,” the “Wild N Out” star said. “You will definitely see some cannons on the screen and hear their music. I’m going to have to repay some of this.

He further said that he abstained from sex and observed celibacy because celibacy helps him focus and he is a “first and foremost father”.

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