In Alex Watch, Austin Kroll compares him to a Honda Civic

Austen Kroll to Alex

Austin Kroll Talking after being a recently broadcast target Summer house Reunion

Later Southern Charm Causes a stir among cast members Summer house Cast as he started a love triangle with Lindsay Hubbard And Sierra MillerHe was forced to defend himself against a comment made by Alex WatchWho compared him to a Honda Civic.

“My first reaction was, what’s wrong with the Honda Civics?” Austin was surprised by The Daily Dish at last week’s NBCUniversal Upfront event.

“I had a great time with the Honda CV,” he added.

Time Summer house Reunion, Austin’s love triangle was mentioned. And, after the cast member Maya Allen Admitting that he didn’t understand why Lindsay and Ciara took him so seriously, Alex suggested that Lindsay had described him as some real “ginger” ever since.

“I don’t understand either,” Alex agrees with Maya. “I don’t understand why they are literally fighting so hard for the Honda Civic to attract men.”

A clip of Alex’s shadow can be seen below.

Also on the NBC Upfront presentation, Daily Dish spoke with Lindsay, who was present with her boyfriend and co-star. Carl RodkeAnd got his thoughts on Alex’s comments about his former flame.

“I mean, with Alex Ginger! I’ve always known Alex as a funny guy, but he really did bring it to the reunion. “

In April, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lindsay offered an update on where she stood with Austin today, describing him as nothing more than an “acquaintance” at the time.

“He’s commenting on Instagram, or he’s lying more, I’m just saying, ‘Dude, come on. When will you stop putting your feet in your mouth and just stop? ‘”Lindsay explained.” It’s unfortunate. But listen, when people show you their true colors, you have to pay attention to them and adapt. “

Southern Charm On Thursday, June 23, he returned to Bravo for season eight.

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