In the PDA-filled photo, Nick Cannon kisses Baby Mama Bray Taisi

An incredibly fertile father is the gift that keeps on giving …

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Bray Tysy, the pregnant mother of Nick Cannon’s eighth child, raised eyebrows on Wednesday when she posted a few pictures on Instagram that looked very similar to the “Wild N ‘Out creator.

Tiesi, 29, wearing a bright orange bikini top and a matching sarong, walked across the beach with a cannon in hand. Her precious baby bump was also on display, adorned with a gold belly chain.

“BabyMunin 🌙💙👶🏽 I still can’t believe it … Baby Mom and Dad already love you so much,” captioned the sensational real estate agent photo.

Cannon and Tiesi spark romance rumors

In another image in the series, the 41-year-old daytime talk show host is holding Taisi’s stomach, but fans in the comments section couldn’t help but notice the third slide where they are planting a kiss on the mother’s lips. .

One user on Instagram wrote, “Such a beautiful couple.

When another person comments:

“So happy for both of you !!”

Taisi or Canon have confirmed whether they are actually dating, but this is not the first time they have spread rumors of romance. In April, the couple did a sexy maternity photoshoot that showed they were very close and glamorous with each other.

Tiesi sat down with E again in March! News’ Daily Pop Where he revealed that he and the “masked singer” host had a “long history” with each other for “almost a decade”.

“I think some people have a conventional relationship and they have an idea about some things, but we have a beautiful relationship. Everything is very helpful and positive, ”the wise investor told the audience.

“I think for me, my family, my relationship, it’s my business and I support everything and everyone involved and I’m really thrilled to have my son,” he added.

Nick Cannon says he is not “made” for marriage

For Canon, it doesn’t look like he’s going to consider monogamy anytime soon. During a recent interview It’s tactical with Raquel Harper In the podcast, the star said she doesn’t think she’s cut for the wedding.

“The government is involved with me, like the whole paperwork? Nah. But if it’s something on a spiritual or overall ritual, I’m here for it, “Nickelodeon told Alum.

Actor continued:

“We can go somewhere for a ceremony. Why would the government be involved in your love life?” It seems so bizarre to me … ‘Because if you go to the core of it, it’s actually a business and to combine business and love, I feel it, it’s hard to get involved. “

Although his eight-year marriage to Maria Kerry was one of the “greatest experiences” of his life, Cannon admits that after their reunion was over, he did not want to return to married life.

“You know what, once I put everything in front of me, I have to present something I’ve never seen or felt before so that I can be willing to go back to doing something. He said before adding:

“It simply came to our notice then. Anyone who is married knows what it is – you are literally entering into a partnership that says when the two become one and I know I’m not ready for it. “

Earlier this week, the Power 106 radio host claimed he had scheduled a vasectomy but we’ll see if he actually follows it.

Canon bought a new car for his baby’s mother, Abby de la Rosa

Meanwhile, the founder of “N’Credible” headphones seems to be keeping another mother of her children happy.

DJ Abby de la Rosa, who has shared twin children with Canon, has expressed concern about getting a brand new Range Rover from an entertainer on Instagram.

“Got the sweetest delivery yesterday!” He wrote. “You already know that a hater has the key to my range – this time BD wanted to hate them even more !! Thank you Nick for the insane upgrade, ”he added.

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