Indianapolis Children’s Museum apologizes for racist ‘Juntinth Watermelon’

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is issuing an apology following the backlash over the “Juntinth Watermelon Salad”.

“The museum acknowledges the negative effects that stereotypes have on apologetic and racial communities. We’ve removed the salad from our menu, “the museum said in a statement. “We value our relationships with all of our visitors and communities. We have learned from this experience. “

TMZ reports that the museum initially defended the dish, saying its food service organization “planned the Juntinth menu as a way to raise awareness about the meaning of our holiday and to remember their own family heritage.” The publication was unable to verify whether the food service company was black-owned.

“When we work to create a culture of empowerment and inclusion, we know we must stumble along the way,” the statement continued. “As a museum, we make a significant effort to share the critical and varied stories of a wide range of individuals.”

Watermelon has long been used as an ethnic stereotype associated with black people. Many felt that the salad perpetuated negative stereotypes, and the museum claimed that it had its motives – just the opposite of what Juntinth remembered.

Watermelon salad was served in the cafeteria for “Juntinth Jamboree” as part of the museum’s menu. The event is aimed at celebrating the end of slavery in the United States. Juventus was finally declared a national holiday last year.

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