Is Amber Hard going to jail after Johnny Depp’s verdict? False accusations

Since their trial began, there have been questions about whether Amber Hard could go to jail for Johnny Depp’s verdict in their defamation suit and whether there is a possibility of bringing false charges against him after the trial is over.

Depp and Hard were married from 2015 to 2016. Hard filed for divorce in May 2016, 15 months after the marriage. In her divorce filing, she also received a temporary restraining order against Depp, claiming that she had abused him while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Depp denied the allegations, and আগ 7 million was settled out of court in August 2016. Hard promised to donate money to ACLU and Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. “Our relationship was intensely emotional and sometimes turbulent, but always bound by love. Neither side made false accusations for financial gain. There was no intention of physical or mental harm,” the two helped in a joint statement.

In 2018, Hard wrote an op-ed The Washington Post About his experience with domestic abuse. Although she did not name Depp, many believed the post was about her ex-husband. Depp sued Hard for 2019 50 million in defamation in 2019, claiming that he had to do acting because of op-ed, including his role in Walt Disney Pictures. Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise and Warner Bros. Pictures’ Fantastic Beasts Series Hard, for its part, sued Depp for 100 million.

The trial began in April 2022 and ended in June 2022, with a seven-person jury comprising five men and two women finding Depp guilty of three counts of defamation in his case. The jury ordered Hard to pay Depp $ 10 million in damages and $ 5 million in punitive damages for a total of 15 million. Depp, for his part, was convicted by a jury of a defamation count against Hard and was ordered to pay ড 2 million in damages and ড 2 million in total punitive damages. Due to the limitation of punitive damages under Virginia state law, Judge Penny Ezcaret Hard reduced the punitive damages from $ 5 million to $ 350,000. If Hard and Depp’s damages are forged against each other, Hard will have to pay Depp a total of $ 8.35 million, for which he is liable for the $ 2 million he owes.

So can Amber Hard go to jail after Johnny Depp’s verdict? Read what lawyers have to say about the possibility of Amber Hard going to jail and the possibility of being charged with lying after Depp’s victory in their defamation case.

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Is Amber Hard going to jail after Johnny Depp’s verdict?

Is Amber Hard going to jail after Johnny Depp’s verdict? No, Hard is not going to jail after being found guilty of defaming Depp. Depp’s defamation suit against Hard is a civil case, not a criminal case, which means he will not go to jail for his guilty verdict. Media Law Resource Center Attorney George Freeman told Fox News in May 2022, “Civil findings do not result in imprisonment.” However, if Hard is convicted and found guilty of false charges, he can go to jail. The crime of intentionally lying in court under oath. “What has happened so far in Virginia is the only way he could go to jail if he is convicted and found guilty of lying, with no official charges and which seems far-fetched,” he said. Freeman, who specializes in litigation around the First Amendment, told Fox News that he had never seen a person accused of making false accusations in a civil case under his four decades of law.

Civil and criminal attorney Tim Parlatore also told Fox News that he suspects Hard will be charged with lying. He told the publication that in order to be falsely accused, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that Hard “intentionally said something that is not true and knew it was not true,” which is difficult. Proof. Civil attorney Broderick Dunn – who practices law in Virginia, where Hard and Depp’s trials took place – also told Fox News why false accusations are often not followed up on abuse cases. “There are a lot of false cases that can be brought that are not meant to prevent a cooling effect on people with claims of domestic violence,” he said, explaining that false allegations can prevent victims from coming forward with their complaints for fear of their claims. Imprisonment.

He also told Parlato’s publication that Hard and Depp’s background as actors could prevent law enforcement from making false allegations against Hard. “All the natural ability to judge a witness’s conduct and truthfulness goes out the window when you have a professional actor in your position,” he said. Conviction for hard lying, however, carries a maximum sentence of 10 years under Virginia state law.

Shawn Cowfield, a partner at law firm Hodge, Jones and Allen, also told the Daily Mail in May 2022 that Hard could be accused of making false allegations during his trial that he had not yet honored his 7 million pledge. Despite her swearing in at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union, starting with her divorce from Depp in 2016, including the UK High Court of Justice for Depp’s defamation suit against The Sun in 2020. The Daily Mail that Hard could be accused of lying in the UK for misleading “cut to the core of our justice system”. “Yeah, I think so,” Calfield said, adding that police could investigate Hayard for lying if possible. “It simply came to our notice then [the donations]False testimony is the single biggest threat and a breach in the core of our justice system, so the police may be called in to investigate so that any member of the public who lies in court can be tried on false charges. “

He continued, it is not a central issue before the court, but if Depp’s legal team tries to draw a picture. [that she is trying to keep the money], Then it. And it’s always central that people don’t lie to themselves. The CPS guidelines say that what you say is false, which can be difficult, but it should not be so difficult to know if he has given a grant. I don’t see any problem there. Another misconception is that he has to be returned. If the CPS approves a charge, you will have to return it, which is unlikely, especially since he is a U.S. citizen. ”

Law expert Mark Stephens, however, told the Daily Mail how difficult it is to prosecute a lie. “It simply came to our notice then. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. “It simply came to our notice then. Police may investigate, but they will probably not judge. The lawsuit is not about what he spent his money on, but about what happened during their relationship. I admit that confusing the court is a big problem, but it’s a line that Depp’s team ran in London. How do you prove he knows? He may have been advised to donate. “

He added: “If you are a celebrity, access to bank accounts can be managed. You can well believe that you have donated or pledged. No one is getting out of this case well. Depp’s legal team is just a different class. They know that. “There’s evidence they’re not mispronouncing names, putting things in the wrong place – it’s a smooth, quick operation. Hard’s lawyers look like they’re being shot.”

Steven Heffer, head of privacy at the law firm Collier Bristor, explained that conviction for lying in the UK is punishable by up to seven years. “Lying is a very serious crime under English law because it strikes at the very heart of the judiciary. Well-known people, including prominent politicians, have found it and paid the price for it, “he said. “Falsehood under English law is committed in a judicial proceeding when a witness makes a statement for the proceedings which he knows he does not believe to be false or true – and it carries a sentence of up to seven years in prison if witnesses lie during an English defamation suit. As it turns out, they can expect a lawsuit and possible custody for distorting the path of justice and lies. “

If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence, help is available. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233) for confidential assistance.

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