Isaiah Rashad addresses Joe Bowden about his leaked sex

Isaiah Rashad addresses her leaked sex tape and her sexual identity in a new interview with Joe Bowden.

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At the top of the year, a sex tape hit Reddit featuring TDE rapper Isaiah Rashad and it later expelled him without her permission.

Anyone who leaked the tape had an agenda, but it turned out to be the opposite as the hip-hop community and Isaiah fans rallied around him in support. While the rapper is out of public view, everyone sends greetings and prayers to him and encourages him to take care of himself.

When he resurfaced for his Coachella 2022 performance, he started his set with some encouraging words spoken about him in various podcasts. Was one of those podcasts Joe Bowden Podcast, Which was very helpful to Isaiah during difficult times.

Ishaiya Rashad discusses her leaked sex tape

In a new interview with Joe Bowden, Isaiah finally addresses the tape and, more importantly, what he did at the time. He was dealing with family issues when the tape was circulated online, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He further revealed that his grandfather died tragically the day after the leak and he even thought that the leak could be the cause of his stroke.

“It’s time for my family to reunite,” he told Joke. “All in all, it has been a blessing. This is happening, and a few days later my grandfather is dying and my grandmother is going through this situation, it was more family together than before so if anything, I can’t be crazy about everything about it. I always have to see the bright side. “

Of course, this led Joe and Isaiah to talk about how Isaiah introduces sex, and he gave the most honest answer he could.

“I’ll say I’m sexually aroused,” Isaiah said before Buden asked him to clarify. “I’m still learning about it. I keep my head in the book to find out the basics but basically, I have no control over when I enter a room that I am attracted to. “He added:” I’m more attracted to a personality. I’m attracted. Sometimes, it’s just attracted to someone. “

The rapper also said he was not going to release the tape following the criminal charges against Liqueur. For now, he seems to be focused on moving forward and controlling healing and what he can do.

You can watch the full interview via Joe Budden’s Patreon.

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