It has been alleged that the unarmed black pregnant woman was shot five times by the police

A Unarmed black pregnant woman Fighting for life with the police He was shot five times.

The shocking facts came to light Kansas City, Missouri, Officers responded to an armed carjacking report as of Friday. Officers stopped the car Family nuggetsr on Possibilities and East 6th Avenue Because it coincides with a report of a stolen car reported just before 8pm when the male driver got out of the car and fled. Leona Hale, 26 Slowly I got out of the car. When Kansas City Police Department officials Ordering her to get down to the ground, she put her hand up and told them she couldn’t because she was pregnant. When they asked Hale if there were any weapons in the car, he confirmed that there were weapons, although he did not carry a weapon or anything that might be wrong for one.

An eyewitness named Md Shedanja, The woman got scared. Shedanja said he saw Hale return to a fence while officers were pulling their guns. That’s when they quickly started firing.

“It simply came to our notice then. They shot five times, “Shedanja told The Star. In a video of Shedanja being shot after the shooting, a pregnant woman was seen lying on the ground with blood on her shirt as Shedanja was heard shouting,” She is going to cooperate. “

The video has been shared on social media, sparking outrage at the brutality of the shooting and the officers’ lack of attention to Hale’s unborn child.

Hale was taken to hospital in critical condition but is now stable. His future is unknown. The two officers responsible for Hell’s shooting have been placed on administrative leave for questioning.

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