It has been revealed why he is no longer talking to Marlowe Hampton

Nene Lex says he will no longer speak to former best friend Marlowe Hampton in his ongoing lawsuit against Bravo

Another housewife’s friendship bites in the dust?

Sometimes Nene Leakage NBCU Universal, Bravo and Andy Cohen Accused of creating a racist work environment on set The real housewife of AtlantaNene confirms that she is no longer talking to her longtime best friend and newly merged peach holder, Marlow Hampton.

The two have had ups and downs, but Nene and Marlowe must have sued for saying “blood is thicker than water” because the two were always on each other’s backs on the show and even when they were out it was a lot like a fight in front of two sisters. .

However, according to ScreenRant and RadarOnline, Nene went to her Instagram live to set a record of where she is in real life and when the issue of Marlowe came up, she said directly that she “didn’t know” what was going on with Marlo or anyone else. RHOA The woman and that Bravo Axis don’t want the current cast to talk to her.

“I do not know what is happening to these girls. I don’t, honey. I try not to, ”Nene said, although he insisted there was no drama between him and Marlowe.

“I haven’t spoken to Marlowe in a long time. It’s crazy… you know what I’m talking about? We have no problem, but I don’t know what’s going on. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Nene added that Bravo doesn’t show up perfectly RHOA Friendships are what they really want them to look like for the sake of the show.

By knowledge. I’m sure Marlowe has distanced himself from Nenn because he doesn’t want to lose the pitch he’s had for so long.

Earlier this year Marlow offered his two cents on Nen’s legal situation and Bravo gave him nothing but a positive vibe and a “kiss” while plugging himself in at the same time. How many hit.

Speaking to Extra at the time, Marlowe said, “You know, we’re going to go where it is. Just sending some love and kisses to my sister and we’ll keep talking about me and my peach and how it’s time for me to shine, baby. “

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