‘It went all the way to my stomach’

A mother United Kingdom She had to go through emergency surgery after accidentally swallowing a swab for a while COVID-19 Test

Testing for COVID-19 is already uncomfortable; Imagine that the swab is stuck in your throat. The same thing happened to 31-year-old Bobby Lee, who said the incident could be “fatal,” the New York Post reported.

It happened on a night when Lee felt sick after coming home from a night shift. He decided to do a test at home, but when he started to swab on the back of his throat, the swab got stuck. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that people who are tested at home should only shake the inside of their noses.

“When I jerked the back of my neck, I somehow got stuck,” Lee reported in The New York Post. “The stick keeps swaying in my mouth and gets stuck in the back of my neck, with a jerk down my neck and the last one gets stuck in the back of the roof of my mouth.”

After many unsuccessful attempts to get the swab out, he got into his car and “went straight to A&E.” Doctors told him they had never seen a case like his. “Even though they never felt the problem, they didn’t know what to do,” Lee said. “Every time I swallowed, I could no longer feel it behind my throat, but you could still see it.”

Leake had to undergo an emergency surgery where the doctor sent a camera under his throat to find and recover the swab.

“It went all the way into my stomach. The pictures they took with the camera under my throat also showed it to my gut,” Lee said. “

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