It’s light! Uber now allows users to book party buses, limos and more

Uber Some new features have been introduced on Monday including travel options that will help users plan their upcoming trips and even book party bus and limo services.

Uber’s new Uber Travel The feature will allow users to link their Gmail accounts to the app to save on upcoming flights, hotel stays and restaurant reservations. With this information, Uber can automatically book rides to and from each travel destination. Users who book through Uber Travel will get 10% cash back on Uber cash for each reserved ride.

Ridesharing platform has also been launched Uber Charter Which allows large groups of users to book party buses, coach buses or limos directly through the app. The service will be launched “across the United States” later this summer.

Uber is also being launched Uber Comfort Electric Which gives riders the option to request electric vehicles, such as Tesla or Polyester. The feature will be available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Dubai on Tuesday. It is expected to expand to other markets soon.

The company is also expanding Uber Eats to stadiums, giving fans the ability to pre-order from the discount stand and skip the lines when picking their items. Eats at Uber Stadium Available at Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium in California; At Yankee Stadium in New York; At the Capitol One Arena in Washington, DC; At Minute Maid Park in Houston; In PayPal Park, San Jose, California; And in Renaissance, France, in Roseanne Park.

The Ride-Share app is also launching a voice ordering integration where Uber Eats can start ordering with their Google Assistant. Uber is also introducing Uber vouchers that allow users to cover ride costs for event guests.

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