‘It’s something they were going through regardless of the situation’

Eleven men have been arrested as part of a sex trafficking operation that has spread across multiple counties Indiana.

Jeff Hendricks49; Samuel N. Kaufman20; Joshua Lynn Slitter30; Derrick Osvaldo Sosa19; Jason A. Thorson40; Francis Bernard Amio Marquez25; Dylan Cole Munshi22; Chase Maxwell, Reese30; Nicholas Sorley22; James W. Thomas II35 and Dustin interestThirty-five people have been charged with involvement in a major child sex trafficking and child sex operation that lasted more than two years.

The operation took place in Indiana County, including Greenwood, Bloomington, Unionville and many more.

Fox 59 reports that the men were caught after detectives created fake profiles on sex websites. Authorities created a fake profile of the 14-year-old to catch the men. The men then talked to secret detectives about the sex work they wanted to do.

Johnson County Sheriff Duane Burgess said, “Look at those chats and see that person explain to officers what they want to do.” At least one of the men had sex with a child for two hours “Some of these people will pick up items and bring them with them to an underwear store, sex store, whatever,” Burgess added. Some people brought various things including drugs, porn and one person brought a gun.

Johnson County Deputy Prosecutor Ryan Bland said, “I think it repeats that they knew exactly what they were doing.” “It’s something they followed regardless of the situation and they were willing to travel.”

All but one of the men were charged with child abuse. The Fox 59 report said none of the men were believed to be part of a human trafficking organization.

Eleven people have been arrested in a multi-county sex sting
Eleven people have been arrested in a multi-county sex sting

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