J. Cole Scarborough debuts shooting stars

Jay Cole Go to PRO again! The iconic rapper always had basketball skills, and this time he took them Ontario.

He sparked a lot of excitement from his pre-game workout to hitting the court in his debut game Scarborough shooting star. After the announcer said his name, the crowd would not stop rejoicing, and he received a lasting congratulations. “Entering the game … number 15, Jermaine Cole,” the announcer said.

Drake has even played in the Canadian Elite League, team-mate and rapper Jay. Expressed joy to Cole.

The Guelph came down from the six-foot-three guard bench in the showcase Thursday night against the Knighthawks. He finished with 14 points, 3 points, 1 assist and 1 rebound.

Unfortunately, Cole and the Stars came up against the Knighthawks. The final score was 89-80.

Shooting Stars coach Chris Axellas said tonight was a win for everyone, regardless of the final score.

“Today has been a great day for both (franchisees) and a great day for the league. Cole has done a great job and he has played with his heart, and I think the excitement is what he brings, and he brings a certain fan base that we want to see in the game. I think all things are great things for everyone.

Cole will not play every game of the season as he has a world tour, but the 37-year-old could have huge potential for the team to make a lasting impact in the league.

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