Jack Harlow returned to Brandy following his oblivion about the icon

Jack Harlow has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Jack’s case have been made more than once.

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The Come home The Kids Miss You The rapper caught a lot of flakes after a recent interview with Hot 97, where he admits he had no idea Brandy and Ray J were siblings. A lot of people aren’t already feeling Harlow’s entry into the industry, he’s misled a lot of fans who haven’t done his homework.

One party that didn’t really feel it was Brandy himself, who responded to an online response to a viral tweet from an interview clip.

“I’m going to fool this guy by wrapping him in his own beat at 43 and then singing to sleep,” he wrote.

When a fan criticized Brandy for responding so long after the clip was released, claiming that the response was over, the singer wrote the record straight, “I know I’m crazy late… but it was a joke. I didn’t know she raped so I was just poking But now I see it was a big deal a few days ago. “

Apparently, Brandy’s Twitter responses were all pretty funny, telling the young man not to play with her. Yet, after the hot 97-blazed unconscious white boy beef, Harlow felt the need to answer to everyone who had something to say about his negligence.

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