Jacksonville’s father rapper Ksoo will testify against his son in the future

Jacksonville rapper Kasur’s father will take a stand and testify against his son in the impending murder trial.

According to reports, Abdul Robinson Sr., 51, will testify against his son, Hakeem Robinson, and has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

Complex The report states, “In March, Hakim was charged with first-degree murder for the murder of 2020 rapper Charles McCormick aka Lil Buck, who was killed in January 2020. Robinson has agreed to testify as a senior state witness. McCormick case. “

Ksoo has another first-degree murder charge and he is the leading suspect in the murder of Adrian Gainer, who went to the BB. He was assassinated in February 2019. A little over a year later, Lil Buck was murdered.

Robinson Sr. has one more son to testify against. Abdul Jr. was charged with second-degree murder because Robinson Sr. himself carried an incidental charge and three other criminal charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years.

According to the complex, prosecutors believe Robinson Sr. is the leader of a gang of ATK or Ace’s Top Killers, with his son Hakim allegedly acting as a member.

Both brothers are awaiting trial at Duval County Jail while Robinson Sr. has been transferred.

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