Jacques Taylor doesn’t follow Stacey Schroeder and Beau Clark in the snub

Pump Rules Alum unfollows Jacques Taylor Stacey and Beau, is Britney following them despite being markedly absent from their marriage?

Jacques Taylor And not following his predecessor Vanderpump rules Nationalist, Stacy Schroeder And Beau Clark.

After the couple’s wedding in Rome, Italy, where a small group of recently separated family and friends attended Tom Schwartz And Katie MaloneyIt has been confirmed that Jacques has not followed the couple and Stacey and Beau are not following him.

A quick search of the people following Jacques found Stasi nowhere.

Vanderpump rules Jacques Taylor doesn't follow Stacey Schroeder

Beau was also not listed following Jax.

Vanderpump's rules do not follow Jacques Taylor Beau Clark

And when searching the list of Jax’s followers, Stassi or Beau were not named.

For Brittany CartwrightHe is still following Stacey.

Vanderpump Rules Brittany Cartwright follows Stacey Schroeder on Instagram

He’s still following Beau – and the couple is still following him.

Vanderpump Rules Brittany Cartwright is following Beau Clark on Instagram

While it’s not clear what happened between Jacques, Stacey and Beau, Brittany seems to be on good terms with both of them, having seen Jacques apart at their daughter Hartford’s first birthday party in January and including Stacey on her 33rd birthday. Birthday party next month.

Just after Stacey and Beau confirmed their Italian marriage on Instagram, an insider said that some of their ex Pump rules Co-stars were dropped, co Sheyana bed.

“Stacey had to reduce her guest list,” a source told our weekly. “Some of her family, friends and ex-coasters, including Sheyana, had to be excluded.”

At about the same time, Kristen Doubt Explained her absence from the event on Instagram, noting that she and her boyfriend Alex Menache They couldn’t do it because they had another marriage in Hawaii.

“I was invited and I was lucky to have a small wedding. We have a wedding here and we have already booked it, ”he said.

Kristen added: “Oops, I’m sorry I missed Rome but we have a wedding here and we booked it in advance! I’m so glad she got her dream wedding. “

Vanderpump rules Bravo renewed for the 10th season last week.

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