Jacques Taylor Why he didn’t attend Stacey and Beau’s wedding

Vanderpump Rules Alum Jacques Taylor lists reasons why he and Brittany Stacy and Beau did not attend the wedding, it says. "Not so much"

Jacques Taylor Her and address Brittany CartwrightIn its absence Stacy Schroeder And Beau ClarkHer wedding in Italy in the comments section of a recent Instagram post.

In the rumors about why he and Brittany didn’t show up and when they told Stacey and Beau that they couldn’t do it, the former Vanderpump rules The cast member shared a list of reasons with a curious fan and also suggested that her and Brittany’s snub was “no big deal”.

“We need to hear what happened to you [Jax Taylor] I’m not going to Stacy’s wedding! Hopefully this will not ruin your friendship, “fans wrote in a comment shared in a post shared by Brittany.

“Not a big deal,” Jax replied. “We couldn’t do it, my mother-in-law [Sherri Cartwright] The family and our son died [Cruz Michael Cauchi]Passport did not arrive on time. Things happen. “

Vanderpump Rules Jacques Taylor lists reasons not to attend Stacey Schroeder's wedding

In an additional comment on the subject shared via a screenshot on Reddit, Jacques again mentioned Cruz’s passport and the death of Sherry’s loved one, whom he first described as a family member and later as a “friend.”

“[It] It was a week ago and Cruz’s passport didn’t come and ours [babysitter’s] Friend died so he had to leave. There was nothing that we did to cause it, “he said.

He said he and Brittany could be forced to cancel their upcoming trip to Mexico.

“I was told it would take a long time to get a passport. We’ve even accelerated it so I don’t know what’s going on, “he said.

Pump Rules Jacques Taylor claims he annulled Stacey's marriage a week ago

But according to Stacey, who apparently addressed the issue in her and Beau’s podcast, Good, bad, and children, She did not receive a week’s notice from the couple who were mysteriously absent from her marriage. Instead, he and Beau learned that they would not attend their wedding on the day they left for Rome.

“The day, not 24 hours ago, the day we were leaving for Rome on our flight, two hours before we left home. I got a text from the girl in this relationship, ‘We’re not coming. , ‘Many, many reasons why they are not coming. It was a novel, “Stacey recalls, refusing to name names. “It was very mind-blowing crazy.”

Although Jacques did not think that his and Brittany’s decision to abandon Stacey and Beau’s invitation was a big deal, it seemed like a huge deal to Stacey and Beau, who felt that the couple had snatched the two men who were actually present. Will be

“I can’t believe I took two stains. I can’t believe I thought we were close. I feel stupid that I thought we were better friends than he was, “Stacey admits.” And when I was at the wedding, I looked at everyone who was there and I was like, ‘God, I love every single person here. I’m here. Thank you so much to everyone who has been there and to the wonderful group we love – that won’t do us any good. “

As Pump rules As fans may have noticed, it was confirmed a week ago that Jacques is no longer following Stacey and Beau, which means he is not following either of them or they have blocked him from following them. But when it comes to Brittany, she feels like she and Stacey were in a good place Behind the velvet rope with David Yontef May 23 podcast.

“I talk to them all the time and we always want to get the kids together. Me and Stacy and Lala, we’re mom and my class every Wednesday. They’ve just finished, but we’ve been doing it all together, “he said.

Vanderpump rules Bravo was recently renovated for the 10th season, but it’s not clear if production has started.

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