Jamal Bryant apologizes for Kevin Samuels’ comments

A pastor whose comments about a controversial YouTuber have recently gone viral is apologizing As previously reported, Jamal Bryant, leader of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, pushed the Bible with a sacred pile of people as he overshadowed Kevin Samuels during a recent sermon.

New born missionary Baptist Church Good Friday service

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On Mother’s Day, the preacher scolded the late Samuels for “needing a GoFundMe for his funeral” and for calling unmarried black women over the age of 35 “babies.”

Pastor Bryant urged the women in the church to say that they did not “hate men,” but that they hated “weak, cowardly, insecure” men.

“You’re listening to men who have no authority,” Bryant said. “How can a man say you’re worth less than 35 years old? How can a man say you don’t have the traction level of a high-powered man when that guy needs to get a GoFundMe for his funeral?”

Naturally, people thought that God’s man had taken things a step further and promoted some of his own irrationality while labeling Bryant as a “false prophet” and “liar.”

Others, however, thought he had said absolutely nothing wrong.

Pastor Jamal Bryant has apologized for his comments to Kevin Samuels

The pastor has made an apparent heel shift and he apologizes for his Kevin Samuels comments. Not only that, he confirms that he was misinformed, perhaps because Samuels’ family needed to raise funds for his funeral.

“When we were in worship last week, I mentioned the late public critic and public intellectual brother Samuels about the relationship,” Bryant said during a recent speech. “As a result, the information I provided later was incorrect.

“What I am saying from this place must be the place of truth because it represents the gospel of God. I don’t care if you are a priest, a bishop, or a postman, “he continued. When you are wrong, you are wrong when you own. And not in a quiet place, but from the pulpit from which I said it, I wanted to address it. Everyone wants to be an adult until it’s time to apologize. “

“Thanks to everyone who intended to hold me accountable,” he added. “We grow up with mistakes and birth maturity. Humility will always defeat arrogance. We will grow up as we go! ”

Kevin Samuels family confirms funeral GoFundMe was “fake”

On monday TMZ The family of Samuels has confirmed that the GoFundMe page is fake. According to reports, the family said “a fraudster” was trying to raise money for YouTuber’s funeral with a goal of $ 50,000.

TMZ Adds that GoFundMe has scrubbed fundraisers from its platform and offered Samuels The family raised hundreds of dollars on the fictitious leaf-but they refused to accept it, so it was returned to the donors.

What do you think of Kevin Samuels’ GoFundMe being faked and Jamal Bryant apologizing for his comments?

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