Jemele Hill made $ 200k less than Michael Hill in ‘His & Hers’.

Jemmel Hill revealed that ESPN paid him $ 200,000 less than “His and Tears” co-host Michael Smith.

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Jemmel Hill has a career in journalism that began with her local paper which became global. In 2018, when she left ESPN, she moved on with her career and became an entrepreneur and business woman.

Hill often says that when he left ESPN, he did a job for seven people. Recently, Gemle was a guest of Revolt Assets on Liability And that reflects the very career path. On the show, he highlighted the differences in business aspects at different levels of journalism.

“I was really serious about the business side of journalism until I got to ESPN because I got to see what people have created,” he explained. “I was like, ‘Oh, is that possible ?!’ ESPN made me really grow up because it was a different game to the level I was at before. This was the first time I had an agent and the first time I really had to learn how to manage my money. “

Jemel Hill revealed that he was paid about a quarter-million less than his co-host on ESPN.

Gemle used his lessons as a way to warn others in journalism and business to be serious about all aspects of the game. He revealed that he earned more than k 200k from his co-host His & Horse, which he did at ESPN in his time.

“I was earning $ 200,000 less than him even though we were doing the same thing,” Hill continued. “It’s not so much about your value, it’s about what you discuss. I started at ESPN on such a low salary to get started. One of them is, ‘We will see how it works like a contract. A 2-and-2 deal: a two-year contract with a two-year option, one of the worst contracts I’ve ever signed. “

It’s not uncommon for women to be the victims of unfair wages, but it’s nice to see Gemle and others talking while we’re working to change that. These stories can help the next person to discuss better and get what they deserve.

You can watch the whole episode with him Assets on Liability Down.

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