Jenny Mai introduced Baby Monaco on YouTube

Jenny My Jenkins has come a long way in her maternity journey! Remember those days when she didn’t want children?

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Jenny My introduced her daughter on YouTube

Five months after giving birth in Little Monaco this January, Jenny officially introduces her and Gigi’s baby girl to the world.

Jenny started a 15-minute episode of her popular YouTube show ‘Hello Hunna’, saying, “You’re going to meet someone new, someone shiny, someone who smells good – like five months is good …”

Ginny later shared a collection of clips of her baby girl that contained two adorable things, such as raising her hips, sleeping and combing her hair, as well as peeing on the floor and defecating in Mama Mai’s hands. The video also shows Monaco meeting Jenny and Gigi’s loved ones. About 8 minutes later, Jenny called her mother Mama Mike to fetch the baby. While she waited, she expressed concern about leaving her child open for public scrutiny.

“I think online is too bad,” Jenny said, covering her face with her hand. “Now I’m scared.”

Monaco’s cries were audible in the background so Jenny told the audience, “She needs a moment.”

“Every time I hear Monaco, it actually removes things from my body,” Jenny revealed to the camera. “And even at the moment when I’m thinking about it to meet you guys, I get very nervous. I think I’ve been doing this for the last five months. It’s a weird combination of being so excited and knowing the world. And I can defend myself, I can block you, I can ignore comments but you can’t do it with baby. That’s why it was so hard for me to get to this place – to share Monaco. “

“Honestly, this show has been therapy for me,” Jenny continued “Learning to experience, to learn how to process, so it was weird for me to keep Monaco to myself for the last five months – especially since you guys were so helpful and encouraging in the whole process of getting pregnant and celebrating with me and all of a sudden when I found her. Everything goes off and becomes so guarded and protected and the whole time I miss my family. I miss talking to you. ”

“Without further ado, my family, I am so excited for you to meet Monaco My Jenkins,” Jenny announced as Mama My baby came out with a baby leopard print vansy and yellow headrape matched with her grandmother’s. The baby smiled when his mother and grandmother sang to him.

Did you know that Monaco comes from the Greek – mono ecos – which means a home? It’s deep. And here we were just thinking Jenny and Gigi were boogie and naming it after that expensive sovereign city-state of the French Riviera.

Baby Monaco adorable right ?!

Ironically the release comes just days before the final episode of “The Real” airs but fortunately the “Hello Hunai” show continues and hopefully Monaco will appear regularly!

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